What brought me to this business?

I worked in the mortgage industry and advertising before becoming a stay at home mom in 2004, and I quickly discovered the overwhelming commonality was the importance of networking. Whether you are looking for the best appraiser or someone who can cut a two-year olds hair you definitely need to know the right person for the job (and you don’t want to waste your time with the wrong one).

So after years of giving friends references for landscapers, child photographers, dentists, or being the one to organize and pick up the gift for my husbands co-workers baby shower I realized that what I enjoy about my life is helping people make the best of theirs. There is nothing more gratifying to me than having someone say “thank you, that’s exactly what I wanted!”.

I also remember how difficult my life was when my kids where 1 & 3 and my husband was working full time along with  pursuing his Phd. One day I recall saying to myself “I would be so much better at this if I had a wife”, what I really needed was a helper, someone to just help pick up the slack. I want to help people feel at ease in their lives again, we have so many responsibilities that sometimes we just need someone to say “let me do that for you”.

I think everyone can benefit from a personal concierge or lifestyle manager. Great Expectations is here to help your business and personal life reach its full potential.


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